I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for many years, and have always loved the health and beauty industry. Now, it‘s time for me to offer my clients additional services so they can get the latest health and beauty tips I’ve long enjoyed.

Most of us don’t have the luxury to spoil ourselves as often as we would like, and the little spare time that we have is spent with people we love and the food we love to eat. Ultimately we want to be happy, healthy, and have balance in life. Amid your crazy-busy life, I can be the person you go to for relaxation, stress reduction, better skin, smooth body, and beautiful eyes. I’ll always keep your confidences as you decompress, or we can keep things silent if you’re looking for peace and quiet. Always, my services will be affordable.

Imagine if you need quick wax services, followed by a full body deep tissue massage with hot stones and aromatherapy. That could be accompanied by a facial treatment and scalp massage, and all without leaving the table. You can decide to have a shower before or after the service. It’s never too late to start indulging in a spa lifestyle. Book online below and let me pamper you!




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Relax and let my skilled hands do all the work!!