Common Questions & Tips

I don't charge a cancellation fee. Things happen. I ALWAYS have things to do, so I'm never upset, I understand. We can reschedule for another time.

No, but for a massage, the proper way is to take everything off, even thongs. Your undergarments can sometimes get in the way of long strokes. As a professional, you are always covered with sheets, never exposed, and you'll be more comfortable. Of course, undress to the point where you'll feel comfortable. I can always work through sheets. I have clients who keep socks on because of ticklish or sensitive feet.

I would suggest choosing a massage and facial combination, if not the highly sought after, The Samantha Special, so you can experience my services while your face and body will thank you, a true pampering experience.

The best way to prep for a massage is to shower before. Your mind and muscles will be more relaxed, and being clean can help reduce body insecurities.

During your session, I want you to breathe, don't hold your breath, and tense up while I work through a bad knot. I want you completely relaxed at all times. Don't help me if I'm stretching you or moving a body part, I want you to be dead weight throughout your session.

Don't eat a heavy meal right before your session, but also don't come on an empty stomach. My sessions are generally 2+ hrs long. Drink lots of water afterward.

I've worked for a chiropractor at Crunch Fitness for many years. You can imagine all the patients and gym members who've kept me busy on a daily basis. I've made everyone feel comfortable. I'm not concerned about your body weight, that you didn't shave your legs or get a pedicure. If you have a skin blemish, bruise, scar, or injury, I can avoid areas. I'm a professional and judgment free.

Please speak up if you are cold, the head rest isn't the correct position, pressure is too hard, you need to use the restroom during the session, need water, need kleenex, prefer not to have hair messed up, don't like my music,.... I will always check in with your comfort, but please don't remain silent if you have concerns.

Sessions are 30-60 min long. You can be treated 2-3 times a week, bi-weekly, to monthly depending on schedule. I suggest 3-4 sessions.

You can see results with one session. I would suggest 3 sessions for outstanding results, then just a monthly maintenance.

Treatment Restrictions Contradictions for Ultasonic Body Sculting and Radio Frequency:

* Pregnancy
* Active Cancer
* Bacterial & Viral  Inflammations
* Metal Implants
* Pacemaker
* Epilepsy
* Breastfeeding
* Any Blood Thinners
* Skin Deseases
* On Your Period

I'm currently looking for clients to be on my website for before and after photos for body sculting and vacuum therapy. Inquire for details.

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